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 AMN Restoration and Masonry Experts are the go-to commercial restoration company in Lexington, Massachusetts!

When faced with structural damages, you need to choose a reliable commercial restoration company. They’ll need to be upfront about the costs, possess the right tools for the job, keep you updated regarding the restorative process, and have a solid plan to deal with possible contingencies. AMN Masonry is one such company that has 13 years of industry experience and a large clientele.

We rely on high-tech machinery and equipment to provide replacement and restorative services. Having catered to businesses of all sizes, there is no problem that our team of experts isn’t able to resolve. Whether it’s a crack in the wall that is indicative of deeper underlying issues or brick and stone structures susceptible to further damages, you can count on us to provide quality restoration services.

Our services include foundation waterproofing, brick and stone repointing, brownstone restoration, concrete repair, commercial snow plowing, walkway and patio, stone and lintel repair and replacement, historical restoration, and retaining wall repairs. All our services are insured and affordable.

Why Choose AMN Masonry?

When you decide to work with us, you’re choosing the best the industry has to offer. All our employees undergo routine training and are capable of using the latest tools and best practices. The reason why we’re the restoration contractors of choice in Wellesley is due to our honesty and integrity. We take pride in the trust our customers place in our services and strive hard to live up to your expectations.

We also offer homeowners the choice of installing beautiful walkways or patios that enhance the overall look of their home. Terraces, decks, and patios are sought-after features that increase the value of your property and makes home selling easier.

Fixing structural damages is more than just filling up a hole or a crack—it involves executing restorative processes that ensure lasting results. All our efforts focus on restoring strength and stability to your building. For any queries related to one or more of our services, contact us today!