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What are the Oldest Buildings and Landmarks in Boston?

Boston is one of the most historic places in the world and has some of the most dated sites in the United States with multiple landmarks across the city. Puritan English colonists founded the city in 1630 and it soon became the epicenter of political, religious, commercial and educational matters in New England.


The rich history of this part of the nation attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. It is one of the most historic settlements, which means that the city takes pride in preserving its cultural heritage. Several of the city’s buildings and monuments as well as its museums are world renowned. For those visiting Boston for the first time, they cannot miss out on these landmark locations as not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they have stories to tell.

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Faneuil Hall

Some of the most awe-inspiring speeches by proud American heroes such as Samuel Adams were delivered at this landmark location built in the year 1742. The landmark is visited by several thousand tourists annually, most of whom are history buffs or lovers of old architecture! Another popular name for this building is “The Cradle of Liberty” and it is a marketplace as well as a meeting hall.

Today, this part of the city is always hustling and bustling with people visiting numerous food stalls and others selling clothing, artisan crafts and other things. Those who wish to be entertained can also find plenty of performers on the street and live musical performances.

Paul Revere House

As the oldest house in Boston, this building is a testament to an architectural design which showcases an overlap of two different eras. The timber foundation is a sign of Massachusetts Bay design where it has glimpses of Georgian architectural elements as well that date back to the eighteenth century. This building used to be home to American Patriot Paul Revere who was a beloved solider and fought for the American Revolution.

Boston’s Children Museum

This museum is a treat for adults and children alike with plenty of activities focused entirely on entertaining children and educating them as well. It was made in 1913 and is almost the oldest children’s museum in America, second to Brooklyn Children’s Museum which was established in 1899. It also exhibits a collection of historical artifacts along with several others about Nature, Japan, Native Americans and the Pacific Northwest and more.

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