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How Historical Buildings Get Damaged

Have you ever wondered how some historical buildings have managed to stand the test of time? It might seem like there is nothing that can destroy them but the reality is that multiple factors, such as pollution and the worsening climate conditions affect a lot of historical landmarks and buildings in general.


In some cases, buildings suffer damage as a consequence of manmade conditions, such as war.

One might think what’s the point of even preserving old buildings when they can be easily removed to make room for new buildings? You don’t have to be a history buff to realize the importance of historical buildings and the importance of cultural heritage. A lot of buildings that have stood the test of time, especially in Boston are revered for being lessons in history. They are tokens of what the city has seen and the events in history that have taken place there that make it all the more special.


So what are some of the things contributing to the damage of these buildings? Let’s take a look.

Green house Gases

Pollution has escalated the deteriorating conditions to several historical monuments. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Taj Mahal in India, the risk of decay of these monuments has been prevalent for a long time now. The rise in temperatures globally causes chemical reactions to speed up on these monuments impacting the surfaces in different ways.

Acid Rain

This destructive and corrosive climate condition is the result of gases being emitted when fossil fuels are burned.

When fossil fuels are burned, they release sulfur dioxide, which leads to toxic precipitation when it mixes with the water droplets in the air. Acid rain is so destructive it can actually dissolve the surface material on buildings, oftentimes leading to irreversible damage.

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes have been the leading cause for the destruction of several Italian historical monuments, much to the dismay of art experts all over the world.

Several buildings including churches, museums and other historical monuments suffered damage and this has been the case throughout history. Due to weaker foundations and lack of restorative measures, these buildings tend to become weaker and are unable to withstand the damage that comes with earthquakes.

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