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What Makes the Restoration of Historic Buildings so Tricky

From world heritage sites to the old Victorian buildings in your neighborhood, there’s no denying that historical buildings are alluring. Their historical and cultural worth is priceless given their age, and the prestige as national treasures is well-deserved.

However, as great as they are to look at, historical buildings can be a tough nut to maintain and a tougher nut to restore. The materials and construction styles used on their antique visages is so old that it’s almost impossible to mimic or get close to the construction work.

The challenges that come with restoring historic buildings are multifold, all of which require professional handiwork and expertise. In this blog, we’ve taken up some of the major and most common challenges construction workers face when restoring historic buildings.

Potential Damage


Heritage sites are older than anything in the world, and by virtue of being old, are also composed of materials that are susceptible to wear and tear.

Modern equipment and chemicals might not always be compatible with their antiquated frameworks. Damaging the structure is always a real threat which is why AMN Restoration and Masonry always takes great care in deciding tools that go into restoration work.

Replacement or Repair?

Often you might think that your contractor is making unnecessary recommendations when they tell you that a small hole or a tiny crack needn’t be repaired but replaced. Cracks aren’t superficial symptoms; they can even be indicative of a faulty foundation. Regardless, when your contractor tells you that something needs replacement and not repair, listen to them.


Heritage sites aren’t meant to be “functional,” neither are they meant to be avant-garde. Restoring them means that you need to revive their original vitality and outlook. Modernizing heritage sites might sound like a novel idea, but it could come at the cost of affecting the historicity of the site.

Professionals or Amateurs?

Professional contractors have been in the industry long enough to know the unique requirements of a heritage site. Not only have they had their experts work on countless such projects, but they have the role-specific knowledge needed to get the job done. They’ve got the right equipment, they know which tools go where, and they know the local history.

Boston, for instance, is a haven for historical buildings. From the Historical Society Building to the Old South Meeting House, the region is full of heritage sites that play a role in making the greater Boston area such an interesting place. If any of these sites was to suffer damages due to water or fire damage, or simply by aging, it would take a real professional to help restore them.

While most people who look after heritage sites prefer professionals, it’s always easy to fall for a cheaper offer. The money you save won’t be worth the loss to an antiquated building, though. So if you’ve been looking for a professional restoration and masonry company in Boston, give us at AMN Restoration and masonry a call at (774) 244-8248 or leave us a message here.

Adriano Nunes