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Commercial Restoration: A Guide

Natural elements are always a risk to your commercial property. A storm can flood your basement or a minor machine malfunction can fill your production plants with smoke.  If your institutional, commercial, retail or industrial facility gets hit by a disaster, you’ll require the services of a commercial restoration company—stat!


But what exactly does a commercial restoration service entail?

Here’s a breakdown of all the things that a commercial restoration vendor handles and takes care of:

Water damage restoration

One of the most common problems that business owners face—especially the ones in the food sector—is water damage. Leaking pipes, blockage in the plumbing system, buildup of water or natural disasters can all be the cause of water damage.

The water damage restoration procedure includes the following steps:

1. Inspection

Technicians first visit the facility and inspect the damage. Water damage can adversely affect several parts of a commercial setting including the walls, hardwood, rooms, ceiling and carpets. Therefore, experts first examine the damaged property and then further plan to fix the issue.

2. Water removal and drying

Water pumps, water vacuums or in some case sump pumps are used to drain out water from enclosed spaces. After water removal  a the drying process eliminates all trace of moisture content in the affected area. The drying process is essential to avoid mold growth in the previously flooded area.

3. Cleaning and restoration

The team then cleans and sanitizes the affected belongings including the furniture, ceilings, walls, etc. After proper cleaning, a restoration process is initiated to replace materials like insulation and drywall to restore the condition of the facility back to normal.

Mold remediation

Mold is a commonly overlooked issue that thrives in buildings with high moisture and restricted airflow. A professional commercial restoration team inspects the premises for indications of mold spores in bathrooms, wall cavities, basements and ceilings. Upon the discovery of mold spores, the team cleans out the mold and disinfects the affect area.

Fire restoration


Fire can destroy large-scale properties within a matter of minutes. Fires are easily triggered by electrical failures or malfunctioned appliances in office buildings. A team of experienced professionals from a construction restoration company should be called to handle situations like these. They inspect the property damage, cool the affected materials and then remove the damaged belongings to restore the place to its original image.

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