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3 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space needs immediate attention; don’t be afraid to experiment with contemporary options during restoration and replacement. Permeable pavers are a popular choice among homeowners who are looking for functional as well as aesthetically pleasing options for bringing luxury outdoors. Plus, pavers are a great way to minimize erosion in run off issues in regions that experience a lot of rain.


Here are some ways you can transform the look of your outdoor space without breaking the bank:

1. Patio — a great first impression!

Give your home and garden a dramatic makeover with an outdoor patio. From natural stone tiles to concrete slabs, you have an assortment of choices when it comes to the edging and surfacing concerns of your patio. Based on the dimensions of your patio, you can opt for sharp and flat stones for a contemporary look or rounded stones of different sizes for a more natural appearance.

Moreover, incorporate a wide array of features like seat walls, pergola, pavilion and waterfalls to add value and comfort to your remodeled patio. When your outdoor modifications are so majestic in look and feel, you’re bound to spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

2. Paver walkways — for a seamless appearance

Improve your home’s curb appeal with a beautiful walkway. A better alternative to asphalt or solid concrete walkway, a paver walkway can cope with temperature changes and freezing-thawing cycles in a more reliable manner. The best part is that these walkways don’t split or crack, rather they merge seamlessly with other landscaping elements. Plus, you can accentuate them with paver driveways and stone steps.

You can either choose to use permeable pavers that allow water to seep through the pavement surface into underlying soil and rainwater harvesting system, or use impervious pavers that do not allow water seepage. Either way, a walkway can add new dimensions to your outdoor area while retaining the immaculate appearance of your landscape.


3. Highlight entry and exit ways

Change the paving of your transition areas to highlight them. You can create a decorative landscape with short stucco pillars and gravel underfoot to enclose a formal courtyard. Similarly, you can blend stonework by surrounding it with groundcovers made of small leaves to add contrast and soften the hard surfaces.

Add value to your home with AMN Masonry!

Direct foot traffic around garden areas and flowerbeds with stone steps and curving walkways. We have over a decade of experience in adding decks, walkways and patio to your home for improved appearance and longevity. We also offer commercial restoration, foundation waterproofing and brick & stone repointing in Boston and the Greater Boston area. Contact us for more information.

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