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Standing Your Guard against Restoration Mistakes


When your house is in shambles, you opt for repair. But what to do when your repair is in shambles? Is there a re-repair option?

Probably not.

You can, of course, get the damage repaired again. However, you’ll have lost quite a lot of money and time in the procedure. Worse still, if faulty repairs are not addressed, the result is either cracks or rots. In the worst-case scenario, the building structure faces long-term, and maybe even irreparable damage.

Repairs, restorations, and renovations are a costly undertaking. Water damage, for instance, can cost $23.43 per unit. It’s best that the job’s done when the job’s done. The key to ensuring this is to avoid repair mistakes at all costs, some of which we’ve discussed in this blog.

Poorly Prepped for Paint

No matter how great the paint you’re using is, if you haven’t taken the right steps to prep for the final paint job, it won’t work out. The biggest pitfall here is the lack of patience. You’re hasty and want the job finished as soon as possible—but your wishes don’t really align with how a wall or a surface must be prepped for the paint. It begins with cleaning, removing accumulated dirt, removal of paint that’s falling, and sanding. It can’t be done through a shortcut and needs time to be done properly.

Removing Masonry paint

Getting newer paint coating is good and all, until you think that removing masonry paint is a good idea. Whether it’s sandblasting or high-pressure water usage, soft masonry can be caused to remove easily. Before going ahead with any such undertaking, ensure that the bricks used in your building are not 18th century hard-packed or 20th century hard-fired.  

Power Washing Wood


Once again, a problem, because people who hire contractors aren’t always willing to give the process due time. Power washing and scraping might seem like a speedy and effective enough process, but it does so much more than peel paint. If excess water is forced into the wood structure with intense force, you know that the wood is done for. Similarly, power scrapers have carbide blades that spin and grind—but can also leave visible blade marks.

Sanding and scraping is the alternative (and the traditional method), but it takes time. Other alternatives—and these are the more expensive ones—include steam, heat guns, chemicals, and infrared lamps.

If you must go the power washing route, ensure that the firm you’re working with is a reputable and experienced masonry company.

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