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Brick Repointing — Restore the Original Beauty of Your Home

Your shiny red brick home in Boston has been with you through thick and thin. Through the stormiest of nights to the rainiest of days, it has stood its ground. But even the strongest brick homes can last so long!

Is the brickwork of your home suddenly losing its look and starting to look dull and worn out? Here’s why you should give brick repointing a shot!


What Exactly Is Brick Repointing?

Your brick home’s mortar joints are crucial for ensuring its structural integrity. But over time, owing to the water and weather damage, these joints can begin to weaken.  This can lead water to seep through the cracks to affect your property’s value and its safety.

To prevent these damages, a restoration process is usually undertaken by a professional restoration company. Also known as masonry restoration, here the crumbling mortar joints are replaced to help reseal the voids.

Keep in mind; different brickwork requires different mortar. A professional mason will only use the appropriate material for your brick home. By default, cement mortars should always be replaced by cement mortars and so on. Brick repointing is a messy process. Make sure you have your doors and windows covered by plastic sheets during this process.


The Benefits of Brick Repointing

If you’re considering brick repointing for your red brick home, here are some ways in which this restoration process can benefit your property:

- Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal

Crumbling and flaking mortar not only affects the quality of brickwork, but also kills the aesthetic of your property. But with brick repointing, you can easily amp up the look of your home. This procedure also helps remove the brick-deep stain from the bricks to give your home a cleaner look!

- Protects Your Property during Rainy Months

With mortar that’s falling apart at the seams, it’s only a matter of time before the water starts to works its way through. This can cause the moisture to destroy your home’s walls on the inside and outside. Not only that, but moisture also triggers the aggressive growth of mold. Getting brick repointing ensures your home and its walls are waterproof once more.

- Maintains the Value of Your Property

Buying a home is no easy feat. That’s why it’s more than important for you to maintain its value in the long run. And with mortar that breathing its last, you can hardly hope to achieve that. But with repointing, you’re able to replace the decaying brickwork with fresh and sturdy mortar.

If you’re looking for brick repointing contractor in Boston for your property, get in touch with AMN Masonry. We have more than a decade of experience in handling all sorts of restoration processes for commercial, historical and residential properties.

We also provide services such as stone wall repairing, foundation waterproofing and concrete repairing.

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