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Reinforcing the Concrete — The Role of Masonry Repair and Rebar

Concrete is one of the most popular and most commonly used materials in building and construction projects. The main feature that makes it so practical is its durability and longevity.

However, not keeping up with the proper maintenance for concrete surfaces can lead to deterioration and result in large cracks within the structure. This happens due to a lack of tension within the concrete.

Reinforcing the Concrete

Rebar reinforcements are commonly used to support concrete structures and help them withstand tension for longer. Not all concrete structures require rebar reinforcements. Surfaces expected to carry heavy loads, such as trucks and machinery, must also have proper reinforcement.

While the density of concrete enables it to be quite strong in terms of compression, tension forces can cause cracks to appear easily. Rebar can prevent these cracks from getting wider by restricting the movement of the broken concrete slabs.


What Is Rebar

Reinforcing bar or steel, commonly known as “rebar,” is a mesh of steel wires or carbon or steel bars used as a tension device. It increases the strength of concrete structures significantly by holding it in a compressed state. This increases the capacity of the structure to absorb tension and prevents it from deteriorating rapidly.

Rebar is typically made from certain steel materials that have been hot-rolled, which gives it a distinct appearance. Reinforcing bars are a common material used for most masonry repair projects.


Situations That Require Masonry Repair and Rebar Reinforcements

Masonry projects utilize reinforcing steel in different situations where structural support is required. It’s mostly used for roads and driveways that are expected to have heavy traffics including large vans and trucks.

Another common structure that uses rebar grids for support is the foundation and walls of large buildings. Usually, it’s placed slightly above or at the center of a concrete slab for best results.

A less expensive rebar reinforcement option is the welded wire mesh. That’s usually used to reinforce smaller structures such as residential homes and driveways. It offers ideal support to the concrete and is a common solution for family homes.

Concrete Restoration by AMN Masonry

If you feel your commercial property requires additional reinforcements, get in touch with AMN Masonry today! We provide expert restoration and concrete repair services for Boston, Framingham, Concord and other areas within Greater Boston.

We use the professional techniques and quality materials for a range of additional services including stone walls repair, brick repointing, foundation waterproofing, and retaining wall repairs!

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