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These Masonry Repair Projects Will Help You Save Money in the Long Run

If you own a home or any other property, you probably know that maintenance is an essential you can’t avoid. No matter how strong and sturdy the construction on your property may be, you can’t escape natural processes like mechanical and chemical weathering!

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Due to such processes, over a period of time, you will need to put in a little work here and there to make sure your construction continues to serve you as it should.

Why Can’t I just Wait

We’re not saying you should perform repairs and renovations every month. What we are, however, saying is that there are certain smaller masonry projects and restorations that you should perform as and when needed.

Putting these off will only result in further damage to your property and will end in faster deterioration of the same.

Projects That Help You Save Long-term

Here are a few masonry projects which if performed immediately, when you need them will help you save a fair amount of money in the long run.


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As you know, brick as well as stone used in construction is held together using mortar. Where the brick and stone might take longer to age, wear and weather, the mortar connecting it deteriorates at a faster rate. This said, the same can be delicately replaced and restored through a process called repointing.

This involves carefully removing old mortar, replacing the same with a new mixture that is matched to the buildings original specifics. Repointing can increase the life of a given structure for up to fifty years more than if you don’t have the same done.

Spot Pointing

There may be times when the mortar on most of your building is in decent shape however certain areas have experienced increased wear. This could be due to seepage or areas which are closer to doors windows and chimneys, for instance.

In such cases, a large scale repointing job might be overkill which is why you have what is called spot pointing. Spot pointing is the same fine process localized to a selected area on your property.

Masonry Sealing

As you know brick and stone though sturdy materials are also what you call porous. Due to this, water tends to get in and can slowly but surely damage your structure. If you live in a place like Boston where temperatures drop below zero, this could result in even faster damage.

The best way to avoid this is to invest in the professional application of what you call masonry sealer. This, like the name suggests helps waterproof your brick and stone structures to a degree reducing seepage, hence slowing down deterioration.

Winding Down

There are other processes you can have done such as masonry cleaning that will help your building maintain its aesthetics while ensuring the same stands sturdy for a longer time. If you’re looking for a commercial restoration contractor in Boston, Lexington, Concord or surrounding areas in Massachusetts give us a shout! We offer a range of services including those mentioned above so if you’re located in one of the cities we cover we’re at your service.

Adriano Nunes